Being cared for

It has been about a year since I last wrote in my blog and I want to let you know about a new experience I am about to have early next week. On Monday I will be getting a new knee and hope to be dancing in the streets by next spring! But first, I need to go through with the surgery as well as a stay of a few days at the hospital. To put this in perspective, the last time I stayed overnight in a hospital I was five years old and having my tonsils out. After all these years, this is a new and somewhat anxious time for me.

But I am being cared for already. The patient navigator in the knee and hip unit at the hospital will wait with me while I am in the inner sanctum – where you go after you have been poked and prodded and are enrobed in the lovely hospital gown and stretchy blue slippers. She will do this because I have a fear of not hearing my name being called. Even though I will still have both my hearing aid and Cochlear implant processor on, nerves tend to take over at this point and all senses deaden a bit. So she will be my ears. The anesthesiologist is ready to cope with the whistling that comes when my hearing aid is encased in the shower cap I will be wearing and both hearing aid and processor will be taped to my head so they don’t fall off. I am not used to all this attention! Both staff and volunteers at the hospital have an excellent knowledge of the challenges of various disabilities and they know how to help. I know this just from my recent pre op meetings to get ready for this venture.

So I am staying overnight – probably two. I don’t wear my hearing devices when I sleep. In fact it is frowned on by the professionals. So I worried about being able to hear staff at night. I mentioned this first to my surgeon who instantly understood the problem and joked that we would not want staff to be yelling at me, especially when I wouldn’t be able to hear them in any case. I have a friend whose husband had a profound hearing loss and was in hospital for a while before he died a couple of years ago. He too was struggling, so his son found him a Boogie Board – it is like an electronic etch and sketch for those of you who remember this toy. Jill has lent me David’s Boogie Board to use when I am literally in the dark so I can pass notes back and forth with those taking care of me. This has eased my mind considerably and the patient navigator (who looks after you before, during and after surgery) thought it a terrific invention.

The aim of the hospital staff is to make all patients as comfortable as possible, but perhaps especially those that need a little extra care. They surely have with me.

11 responses to “Being cared for

  1. Best wishes Rosemary for the knee surgery and recovery. Thanks for this column. With our hearing technology we are vulnerable in situations like surgery (as one of many personal safety examples) and I’m glad to hear your health professionals stepped up to understand your needs and take care of you. Cheers, Ian K.

  2. Tom & Lois Pryde

    Lois and I will be thinking of you as you embark on your adventure. We are sure you will do very fine as it appears you have planned the trip well.
    Keep us apprised of your recovery.

  3. Thank you so much for all your info,you will be well cared for. Looking forward to a visit when you feel up to it. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hugs⚡️⭐️🎈❤️Edna and Jim

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  4. Rosemary–Good to hear from you again. Not so good to hear that you need knee surgery. On the other hand I’m glad you can get some relief from the knee pain you have been experiencing–no fun. Sounds like you are in good hands. Be of good cheer, better days are coming. Dancing in the Spring. Love it.

  5. Wishing You All the Best ! You will have excellent care both in the hospital and at Nancy’s thereafter.
    Warmly, Sue

  6. How good to read your latest blog, Rosemary. I learn so much from your writing. It sounds like you have made the perfect arrangements, and you will be beautifully cared for from start to finish. You go, girl!!!

  7. Sounds like you have all bases covered! Good luck with your hospital stay and I expect I will see you at Nancy’s if I can help in any way. Love El



  8. With such super care, your recovery will be prompt and uneventful! Looking forward to hearing all went well and you are home.

  9. How comforting to know you will be so well cared for by the hospital staff, Rosemary!

  10. All will be well; all will be well; all manner of things will be well. A whole host of professionals, family, and friends will be hovering about to ensure it will be so❤️

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