The best and the worst

The other day someone asked me what is the best sound I have heard so far with my implant and what is the worst. This is a very interesting question and I had to think about my answer.

The challenge I have is that I can hear using my left, non-implanted ear and a very strong hearing aid. So there are sounds that I hear with my hearing aid that I like (voices of family and friends for example) and some that I don’t (the beeping sound of a truck backing up). But new sounds with my implant? Hmm.

It is raining quite hard today. I tend to wear just the processor for my right implanted ear rather than the processor plus my hearing aid whenever I can to help my brain practice listening for sounds and I hear the rain pounding. I also hear the seconds tick by on a very old wall clock in my office. Neither sound is particularly appealing to me but they are sounds I could not hear before with just my hearing aid. Are they the worst? No, I don’t think so.

I have talked in this blog about my struggles with music and certainly hearing all the notes independently when I dusted the piano a few months ago is right up there with the best.

The truth is that there were so many sounds that I did not hear – either at all or not very well – before my implant that pretty much every sound now is the best and there are none I can really call the worst, at least not yet.

I am still waiting to hear music in stereo with both my ears. And of course the sound of the loon, my particular personal goal. Ask me a year from now and I’ll bet I have a more definite answer.


One response to “The best and the worst

  1. Always interesting and informative, Rosemary. And, yes, the sound of a loon – music to my ears; may you enjoy it soon!!

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