Stories of hearing loss – now it’s your turn

Last week I asked for your stories about hearing loss and I have heard from three of you already. Here is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing conversation about hearing loss.

Your Stories

I have had a hearing loss for many, many years and I do wear a hearing aid. I have a great frustration with public speakers who do not and will not use a microphone when one is available and say, “I’m sure everyone can hear me.”
– Howard

I have several of the frustrations mentioned [in the March 10, 2013 post] – especially the problem of being with a group when several people might be speaking at the same time. Another problem area for me is people turning away as they are speaking to me – especially if they are totally turned away, then all I hear is ‘noise’. I also have a problem at a conference or in a lecture hall and also in church when the speaker from the front of the room turns a bit from side to side. I really only hear clearly when a person faces directly towards me.
– Jan

Very common I’m sure. It took me a long time to admit that I needed hearing aids. Finally agreed to get tested but was confident it was a waste of time. Was a bit shocked when the doctor said “significant hearing loss”.
Generally quite happy with the hearing aids though some sounds [e.g., kitchen noises] are jarring. I do wear them all day, every day.
One advantage I recently made use of was while attending a concert and finding the music to be uncomfortably loud. “Ta da,” I took out the hearing aids and enjoyed the rest of the concert in comfort.
– Tom

Do these stories sound familiar to you? Do you have other stories – either as someone with a hearing loss or a family member or friend? Send me your story. It’s easy. Just click the ‘comments’ button below and give me your first name and email address and we’ll get started.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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