Getting directions: one of the little challenges of being deaf

I was in a major department store looking for pillows that were on sale. Hoping to save a little time, I asked one of the salespeople if she could direct me to the bedding department. She turned and faced away from me to point me in the right direction as she proceeded to tell me how to get there. I couldn’t understand what she was saying because I couldn’t see her face. For all I know she could have been directing me to an elevator to go to another floor. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her I was deaf and needed to see her face in order to lip read her instructions. She said okay and proceeded to turn away again to point me in the right direction! Once again, I explained that I could not understand her when she turned away from me and asked if she could give me the directions while facing me. She couldn’t do it.

I thanked her and headed off in the direction she had pointed hoping to find someone else to help me locate the bedding department.

When we give directions, we often point and we also tend to face the direction in which we are pointing – an extra challenge for those of us who are deaf! I eventually did find my pillows.


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